Avataran Benefits

Watch Avataran to experience a Sci-Fi family adventure of epic proportions in Assamese language for the first time! 

First Sci-fi film of Assam
Nine years in production
Complete family entertainer
Support Independent Cinema

Benefits & Importance of 'Avataran' Film

Enjoy a Unique Movie Experience

'Avataran' is an unique, and refreshing take on science fiction films, you'll have to see it to believe it!

Be a part of SciFi history

Support the first ever science fiction film in the Assamese language and independent cinema!

Experience it Today!

Experience the world of 'Avataran' : A Sci-fi Family Adventure of Epic proportions!

Gripping, Inspiring & Educational

Educate the next generation of filmmakers and digital video content creators. 

An immersive spellbounding experience

The use of 3D animation, CGI, digital compositing techniques in Avataran represent a significant advancement for new generation cinema technology in Northeast India. 

Noble message

Avataran has got engaging captivating storyline with inspirational and noble messages about environmental conservation and sustainability, and responsible use of scientific technology. 

Make Dreams Come True

Inspire, simplify, and motivate budding artists and talents to become the master of new techniques and skills.

A World of Talent Showcase

We at 'TD Film Studio' have already provided platforms to over 150 aspiring actors in our films and have conducted over 35 workshops. 'Avataran's success will enable us to continue our noble endeavor of creating opportunities, awareness and educating upcoming talents. 

Learn the magic of storytelling

Learn from a live example as to how to produce stunning narrative visual storytelling and presentations utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies.

A revolution in Assamese cinema

Encourage the development of an authentic and high-quality Assamese independent cinema.

A cultural wonder of Assam

'Avataran' showcases Assamese culture in a new light, highlighting its social, cultural, and historical significance! It highlights traditional Assamese values of family unity, balanced use of technology, traditional values

Support Team 'Avataran'

By supporting 'Avataran', you will be supporting over a hundred cast and crew members and Artists associated with 'Avataran' 

Join the Premiere

Get exclusive early access to a landmark new chapter in Assamese cinema before it opens in theaters. Be among the first to see the film in your city/town when it opens.

A movie worth watching

Watch the self-produced film that is the culmination of nine years of hard work on a single film production!

Breathe in the Magic. Enrich your Imagination! 

Don’t miss your chance at being a part of history by watching Avataran! We promise it will be an experience you’ll never forget! Join us as we bring the future of filmmaking into the present day! 

Book screening slot for 'Avataran'. Get in touch to learn more about the benefits of supporting our film.

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